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INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM® enables your open vehicle door to be seen at night by other vehicle drivers REFLECTIVELY.  This provides a "zone of illumination."

Why do I need INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM® on my vehicle?

To ensure that my loved ones and I are seen entering and exiting our vehicle by other drivers at night.  This is done by showing movement within the "zone of illumination."

What is a "Zone of Illumination"?

The definition presented to NHTSA for a “zone of illumination,”  incorporates applying a luminant component, such as conspicuity tape, to a portion of the vehicle’s door frame, lower door flange, and window frame portion to ensure that when a vehicle’s door is opened between dusk and dawn hours, the vehicle’s door edge, as well as, the person entering or exiting the vehicle are visible to approaching drivers. 

Will INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM® detract from my vehicle's appearance?

No.  Amazingly, all INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM® applications are only seen when needed automatically.  

Where can I have INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM® installed?

We are in the process of working with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to complement added safety to new vehicles.  Additionally, with applications available through new vehicle dealerships to install INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM®.

Is INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM® U.S. Patented, Trademarked, and available to all vehicle manufacturers?