On March 11, 2019, INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM® CORP petitioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to require     installation of a luminant component, such as reflective conspicuity tape, on each vehicle’s door frame, lower door flange, and window frame sold within the United States. 

This “zone of illumination” has the potential to save numerous lives, prevent serious bodily injury, and is  cost beneficial. 

Let's Be Seen in 2019!


Let’s make 2019 the year when we protect our family members by ensuring that all opened vehicle doors can be adequately seen by approaching drivers at night!

In the photo provided above, Peter Gold's grandchildren point to areas on the vehicle's doorframe where INVIEW's VEHICLE TRIM® was applied.

Comments from the New York International Auto Show regarding INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM®


Following are a few select comments from prospective car buyers and the general public after seeing the highly reflective INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM® applied to an exhibit vehicle display at the New York International Auto Show.

• “Inview Vehicle Trim should be mandatory and applied to all vehicles. It is a no brainer.”

Dramatic Video! See the difference


This brief video features INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM® applied on a driver's side door. The passenger side door does not.  

Think about which side you would prefer your loved ones exiting  on a busy road at night!

Five New Ways to Illuminate Vehicle Doors


(1) Camouflaged reflective exterior door frame illumination*

(2) High mount door electrical illuminated directional signal

(3) Reflective interior door frame illumination

(4) Reflective lower door edge illumination

(5) Reflective door frame illumination

A reflective stop sign provides a warning to motorists. Why can't an opened vehicle door?


The time has come to take all opened vehicle doors around the world out of the dark ages and make them a contributor in motor vehicle accident avoidance.



Petition for Rulemaking final 03-11-2019 (pdf)


Inview Vehicle Trim Video (mov)