Crash Avoidance System

Major advancements in vehicle accident avoidance now available globally

Major new advancements in Vehicle Door Accident Avoidance Systems have occurred to make the partially, or fully opened vehicle door, visible to other motorists at night. Sadly, it is estimated over 70 percent of all vehicles do not have a light or reflector on the vehicle door to allow the opened vehicle door to be seen at night, and the remaining that do are totally useless when needed the most … when a person is blocking these devices from view when standing, exiting or entering outside the vehicle.

Upon viewing the actual patent drawing of the opened vehicle door and referring to the items identified by the number 18, you will see three different patented applications of highly reflective INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM®. First, on the lower horizontal edge of the vehicle door below the vehicles interior trim panel. Secondly, on the door frame (72). Lastly, applied to the interior side of the door window frame (not numbered).

These three different applications were granted United States Patents under the following U.S. Patent Numbers: 8,382,350; 8,596,840; 9,108,569; 9,308,859 and 9,469,246, with others pending.

All INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM®  applications are, in fact, applied inside the vehicle only to be seen outside the vehicle and automatically provide upwards of 50 times more area of illumination by another vehicle driver’s headlights.